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A Quick Sunset Time-Lapse

Just a quick time-lapse I shot from our backyard this evening. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you liked it. Shot on: Olympus EM-5 Mark ll, 25mm 1:1.8

Piedmont Evening Storm

We are in the mist of unpacking our new home. For those of you who do not know, we moved to Piedmont a few weeks ago. Late nights are the key word here. Anyways, a few nights ago I saw this really photogenic storm rolling in and decided to grab a few shots.  One from my back yard and one of the neighbor’s house across the street.

Cortney’s Maternity Shoot with Aubrey Lisa Photography

I finally got to try out my new toy last night. A long time friend, Aubrey Proctor took some maternity photos of my wife. I thought it was fun that she incorporated me take a few shots here and there in the photo shoot. I will post those later when I get them. Here are some behind the scene shots from last night. The last two are shot I grabbed while she was shooting me. Check out more of Aubrey’s work at Equipment: Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark ll, 25mm 1:1.8 Location: Turner Falls, Oklahoma  

Red Rock Canyon State Park, Oklahoma – Night Lapse

I just got back from a great camping weekend with my wife. Both of us really enjoy the outdoors. I borrowed a Canon 5D Mark ll and the Syrup Genie so that I could try to capture a night Lapse. well several problems. First was in order to get a good night lapse with vivid stars you need little to no moon light. My luck it was a full moon. How ever it ending up giving me the chance to play with moon shadows. I want to thank my wife for sitting out with me in the middle of nowhere for several hours to capture this lapse. Here is the result. 5D Mark ll, Canon 16-35mm L – ISO 200, 30 sec Shutter, 35 sec Interval

Our Gender Reveal Party

This last weekend my wife and I found out the gender of our baby, along with both of our families. I had the idea of setting several GoPro Hero 4’s and capturing the moment in a series of stills. I set the GoPro to Time-lapse mode and hit capture. This is the result. Here are the rest of the still from the reveal. Big thanks to my buddy Edwin Chandapillai for taking some great photos.


  On a flight back from Las Vegas, I had the sweetest little girl and her mother siting in front of me. The little girl was singing and say goodbye to someone over and over.  As the little girl was looking out the window and singing I captured this moment. This has to be one of my favorite shots from this last week. I asked her mother if I could post this moment. The little girls name is Madison, the title of this image.